Starrtec’s POS Systems in Sydney

Starrtec has been involved in the New South Wales POS market for the last 2 decades.  Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Starrtec has a powerful and robust system that will benefit all customer serving industries.

Using Sydney as our base, Starrtec has a network of sites spread all throughout New South Wales. We have vast experience working with remote sites, and our system is designed to keep working even when cut off from the internet, and, we have plenty of experience in multiple location sites, and we are uniquely equipped to provide state of the art Pos Solutions.

Starrtec’s head office in Brisbane is able to offer first rate support remotely to all our sites, meaning that businesses in the heart of Sydney can get the same quality support as all of our other sites.

Starrtec has a number of key partners based in Sydney and throughout New South Wales, and our agents are all trained to provide support.

Starrtec is a national company, and we have locations all across the country: